Ogopa Kenya: Man Left His Broken Car By The Roadside To Get Help Only To Find It Missing


Kenya is a country of many tales. There are things that only happen here in Kenya.

A man got stranded on the road for three hours after his vehicle broke down .

He shockingly discovered it had vanished 30 minutes after alighting to seek help.

According to a statement released by the DCI on Monday, September 14, Stephen Kamau was driving from Maragua town to Murang’a.

His vehicle stalled on the road about 2 a.m. Kamau parked it along the side of the road and stayed awake until 5 a.m.,

He alighted to hunt for a repair. However, Kamau realized he had forgotten to bring his charger with him.

Kamau returned to the location where he had left the vehicle.

“He realized he had forgotten his Type C phone charger inside the truck and returned to retrieve it.”

“Kamau was astounded beyond words when he saw his previously broken down vehicle had vanished.

He couldn’t figure out why it had vanished from where he had put it 30 minutes before “DCI makes a statement.

He went straight to the Murang’a police station to report the occurrence.

Stolen Cars

Each year, Thieves and car jackers steal about 1,300 vehicles in Kenya, averaging four vehicles per day.

This is according to the Association of Kenya Insurers (AKI).

According to the research, Toyotas account for 71% of all stolen vehicles in the country, followed by Isuzu (7%) and Nissan (7%). (5 percent ).

The rest accounts for 17% of the total.A burglar activates the jammer just as the driver activates his fob to lock the vehicle.

The car’s alarm will sound as usual, but it will not lock. Before leaving your automobile, make sure all doors are closed for your safety.

Carjackers favor the color white, followed by silver.

Car thieves have kept up with new technology in the automotive business, and jammers are one strategy they employ while stealing.


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