“Nyota Ndogo Used Me To Get Back With Her Husband”, P-Day Laments

Nyota Ndogo married an old white man, but over the last few months, things have not been rosy for the two lovebirds.

Nyota Ndogo took to social media to express her frustrations. Her husband moved out and was not picking her calls.

The reason for the whole saga was because of a dirty joke she played on him.

She tried to apologize severally, but her husband was adamant that he was no longer interested in her.

The musician reached a point and moved on. She started dating P-day.

The two released a song together, but she hadn’t been able to promote it.

Apparently, her husband felt jealousy and started texting her. He warned her to stop seeing the man.

Nyota Ndogo, a coastal singer, has revealed that she and her husband Hunning Neilsen are back on speaking terms.

Several months have passed since he went silent on her over an April Fool’s Day joke.

Nyota stated in an update that her Hubby began communicating to her after viewing images of her with fellow singer P-Day.

Despite months of silence, the singer revealed her husband has made it obvious that he has not dumped her.

P-day informed Willis Raburu on the 10/10 show that Nyota Ndogo exploited him to make her husband jealous.

She returned to him and the two of them were now together. P-Day, who still adores Nyota Ndogo, is happy.

He hopes that Nyota Ndogo will choose him because he has all the qualities a woman desires in a man.

On May 22, Nyota traveled to Denmark on a mission to save her marriage that was on the rocks.

In that period, she clarified she will fight for her marriage until the last minute.

This is despite being branded ‘desperate’ by a section of Kenyans on Social Media


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