Nurse Glorifies ARVS, Credits Them For Her Beautiful Skin


Nurse has caused shock waves after taking to her social media accounts to glorify ARVs.

Angela Motsusi is a South African nurse by profession and has been on the fore the front in fighting HIV stigma.

Motsusi Angela has been living with HIV/AIDS for a decade. She has been taking ARVS since 2011.

Stigma is one of the hindering causes of drug adherence, increased defaulters, and increased drug resistance.

Angela Motsusi has made her business to educate people about HIV. She is a hero in a small way.

In one of the sessions with her followers on social media, Angela attributed her beautifully glowing skin to ARVS.

“Remind me again, what do people normally say about HIV-positive people’s skin?

“Thought I should serve some skin this morning. ARVs must be investigated, I think they add some ingredients for extra glow, we can’t be this beautiful guy,” she joked.

True to her words, nurse Angela is truly glowing and beautiful but is there any scientific truth to what she said?


On the contrary to what she said, ARVS do not make your skin glow but they rather make it darker and dry.

Photo dermatitis commonly attacks whites. Direct exposure to the sun is great contributor. This makes the skin turn dark.

However black people are also susceptible to this condition when they are HIV positive or when they are taking ARVS.

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What nurse Angela is doing is to encourage people to live freely and happily even when they contract HIV.

Acceptance is the first step to healing. If you keep on living in denial then HIV will quickly overwhelm your immunity.

The end result is non-disclosure, depression, stigma, opportunistic infections, and death.

Lets us all try to live positively no matter the problems we are facing it is important to share.



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