Eric Omondi Keeps Fans Guessing About His Relationship with Miss P

Comedian Eric Omondi is never short of content. The 36-year-old boasts about being the President of Comedy, Africa. That is an award that he has won for two years running and it is quite something.

Recently, he has been posting many photos and videos with former Saldido Record Label artiste, Miss P. The ‘Liar’ hit maker broke ranks with her boss, Willy Paul Msafi and she is currently on her own.

Miss P sensationally accused Willy Paul of abusing her sexually. Willy Paul’s manager denied the claims and revealed that the two were actually an item. The manager revealed that Miss P’s mother wanted to sell her daughter to Willy Paul.

It is not clear whether the scandal will take a legal dimension. But the damage has already been done. Pozze’s management said that they lost some brand ambassadorial deals. This is because the story had a negative impact on Willy Paul’s brand.

As the story is developing, Eric Omondi has come out to claim that he has a thing going on with Miss P.


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Just recently, he posted a video being cozy with the 21-year-old beauty in Busia. They had gone there to perform at a show. His caption is what caught the curiosity of his fans.

“Mungu akikupa nyumba anakupa na jiko (when God gives you a house, he gives you a wife too),” wrote Eric on Instagram. The post attracted a lot of engagement but many took it as a joke.

However, the former Churchill Show comedian’s subsequent posts have attracted even more attention. Miss P’s dress code does not make matters any better. It seems she now has the same stylist as Eric Omondi.

Eric posted another video being all romantic with the lass. His fellow comedian Eddie Butita left a very hilarious comment.

“Kwani hii fagia wote ilikuwa serious hivi (You mean this ‘sweep them all’ slogan was this serious?” asked Butita. Eric has been campaigning for Jimmy Wanjigi who is aspiring to be the Kenyan president come 2022 using the slogan “Fagia Wote”.

But Butita’s statement could only mean one thing; that there is something serious going on between the two celebrities. Willy Paul is yet to comment on the saga.

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