New Evidence Implicates This ANC Top Official In The Assassination Of Corruption Whistle Blower

Top ANC official implicated in assasination of Babita Deokran
Whistle blower Babita

ANC top figure is now a person of interest in the assassination of corruption whistle blower.

Babita Deokaran worked for the Gauteng Department of Health when she met her untimely death.

Crack squad of Hawks detectives have circled the ruling party in search of the paymaster behind the murder.

According to News24 sources, the ANC figure suspected of assassinating Babita Deokaran played a key role.

“Yes!… Good! Because a handful of random individuals didn’t just drive from KZN to Gauteng to shoot her…” she said.

We have apprehended several individuals, some of whom have already been in court, but they remain in custody.

The assassination of Babita Deokaran outraged many people, a whistleblower for the Gauteng Department of Health.

It raised concerns about how South Africa doesn’t protect whistleblowers.

This is although those who are corrupt have so much security in their homes and even bodyguards when they go out in public.

Some critics, however, are skeptical that the ANC top official implicated as a person of interest will ever face consequences.

They cited the fact that most cases start out promising but fizzle out later.

For example, with Senzo Meyiwa, law enforcement agencies could not crack the case for years.

Some stated, “It’s simply vibes to make it look like they’re doing anything.”

Another said, referring to the Bozwana and Senzo Meyiwa cases, “I think nothing will come out of it.”

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