Netizens React to the Amount of Food Akothee’s Daughter Rue Baby Eats

Akothee’s daughter Rue baby innocently posted a photo of her having lunch. But as usual Kenyans will never miss something to say.

Rue Baby (real name Celine Dion Okello) has a huge following on social media. On Facebook alone, she has over 550k followers. That means that every time she posts something, she attracts a lot of reactions.

Today she was having a five-course meal in what looks like a fine restaurant. She captioned it saying, “Refueling for another great week ahead 🥰🥰🥰🥰. Happy Sunday.”

As much as the meal looks quality, we cannot ignore the quantity. And some of her fans could not hide their curiosity. They wondered how she eats all that food but still maintain a petite body.

“You’re eating like a pig but you don’t grow. What’s not happening? Have you tried taking multivitamins and even deworming?” asked one Evans Chelelgo.

There are those friends that will eat just about anything but they never grow fat or obese. Rue Baby is that friend.

The fashion model who is Akothee’s second born daughter seemed not bothered by fans throwing shade at her. Her confidence is out of this world.

While she was still in campus, Rue won the ‘Face of Nivea’ competition. It was a big deal. The following year (2019) she became the First Runner’s Up Miss Universe Kenya.

Her body is indeed her trademark, and she knows it.

Kubania Susy commented, “That friend who eats and eats and never get fat. That friend is you🙈 mimi coke nusu, 3more kgs.”

To which Rue Baby replied, “Aki ukweli (it’s true).”

The girl is really beautiful. Whether thin or fat, she is amazing. It is only God that knows why some are big and some small. Eat as much as you want. No one should bring you down.

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