Netflix To Introduce A Free Package In Kenya

Netflix plan offer for Kenya

Netflix has brought good news to all Kenyans by introducing a free mobile package.

Production of about a quarter of this plan’s TV episodes and movies will be in Kenya, as part of a goal to boost growth in a major African market.

The offered free plan is compatible with Android phones. It allows you to watch Netflix movies and TV series without being interrupted by advertisements.

Netflix is attempting to persuade free customers to upgrade to a subscription service with more content.

Outside of more crowded countries in Europe and America, the world’s largest streaming video service is aiming to add consumers.

Executives remain optimistic about the long-term future, noting that streaming television is only now gaining traction in several key regions.

Netflix is investing in locally produced shows and partnering with local production studios to gain customers in Africa.

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According to a spokeswoman for Netflix, non-paying Netflix users in Kenya will not be a part of the paid number that the company reports each quarter.

Netflix has previously dabbled with free deals. It made selected episodes of some shows and movies available for free worldwide via web browsers in 2020.

Kenya’s free plan is more expansive. According to the spokesperson, it would resemble premium Netflix profiles to give users a sense of the service.

A lock icon will appear next to shows that are not included in the free plan. When a user clicks on one of those titles, it will prompt them to sign up for a paid alternative.

Anyone in Kenya 18 years old or older can sign up for the free plan and establish up to five profiles. There will be no need to provide any payment information.

The free plan does not include some features, such as the option to download a show or movie.

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