Natasha Thahane Tells Off Haters after Posting This Message

Recently social media was awash with news that popular actress Natasha Thahane had broken up with her boyfriend Thembinkosi Lorch. The main reason for their alleged break up was because Lorch cheated on the 25-year-old beauty.

The two lovebirds were silent and they neither confirmed nor denied the shocking news. But one thing was for sure; they had both deleted each other’s photos on Instagram.

Whether they did it in order to gain clout and attract unnecessary attention is something that we cannot substantiate as at now. Social media in-laws were very quick to produce a list of reasons why they supposedly broke up.

It looks like the whole break up saga was a hoax after all. This is because today Natasha Thahane posted her man Lorch on her IG stories. In the very shot clip, Lorch winks naughtily at the camera and continues having a very delicious meal.

Have a look at the screenshots below;

The 28-year-old Orlando Pirates FC forward appears very happy in the video. They are definitely passing a message to their haters who wish that they broke up for real.

One wonders why they had to delete all the photos in which they appear together. But they must have decided to go completely private just like they started.

Natasha and Lorch never really wanted their relationship to be out there in the public. It is the hawk-eyed social media users that spilt the beans while the two were on vacation in Mauritius.

Lorch’s image appeared in Natasha’s sunglasses and netizens connected the dots. After that, it never took long before they went public about their romantic affair.

From the look of things, they are going to be very private from now henceforth. Natasha is the beautiful lady that plays the role of Wendy Dlamini on the Netflix hit drama series Blood and Water.

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