Naomi Kamau’s Message To Kenyans About Omosh Comes To Pass

Naomi Kamau is a renowned actress, producer, and scriptwriter. She has produced many shows here in Kenya among them Tahidi High, Makutano Junction, Mother In-law, and Machachari.

The talented lady is a sister to Steven Kinuthia popularly known as Omosh from the role he played at a high school drama that was scripted by Naomi.
She became popular when she played Allison in the mother-in-law show she helped to script and direct.

When the story of Omosh came out a few months ago that he was broke and unable to survive, many Kenyans castigated Naomi for neglecting her brother but the actress came out strongly to defend herself and her family. Naomi told Kenyans to be careful with what Omosh was telling them because he is an irresponsible man they have been trying to help but he keeps doing the same mistakes.

Kenyans overshadowed by their love for Omosh due to his talents, they decided to help Omosh by contributing huge sums of money to cater for his bills and food. Other organizations offered him land and even built a 3 bedroom house for him that is currently on the painting phase then he will be given the keys to move in.

A few months later, Omosh appeared on TV 47 and shamelessly said that Kenyans never contributed for him and the little money he got barely catered for his debts. Omosh intimated that he is back to begging and was pleading to Kenyans to help him get back to his feet.

His sentiments angered Kenyans who are equally struggling but opted to come through for him during his difficult moments in his life. Jalang’o was at the fore front in mobilizing resources for him confirmed that Omosh received more than a million shillings in cash and a lot more in kind.

He castigated Omosh for being a liar and lazy drunkard that will never learn from his mistakes.Jalang’o and a host of Kenyans advised the actor to look for an hustle to do just like other men even if it means hawking masks in the streets instead of depending on handouts.

This latest development has vindicated Naomi who had been crucified by unforgiving Kenyans because her message and warning to Kenyans about Omosh has come to pass.

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