Nakuru Doctor Suspected To Kill His 2 Kids Dies In Hospital

Nakuru doctor dies

Nakuru doctor suspected of killing his two children has died. The police have confirmed this.

Doctor Gakara died while seeking treatment at the Nakuru Level 5 hospital.

This means he has finally accomplished his goal of putting an end to his life and bloodline.

Last Saturday, James Gakara was discovered comatose in his home, close to his two dead children.

According to a neighbor, the doctor and his wife had a fight on Saturday night.

A five-year-old boy and a three-year-old girl were the youngsters.

According to what we’ve learned from his family and close friends, he was a gentleman.

The good doctor, who is also an obstetrician, expressed no suicidal ideas.

He was cheery on that fatal day, and no one would have guessed he was plotting to murder his children.

According to authorities, the children were most likely injected with insulin and maybe additional narcotics.

This follows the preliminary study of items on the bedside table in his house. The cause of death has yet to be determined.

Earlier reports suggested he was having marital problems with his wife, who had moved to a more lucrative job abroad.

The investigation into the possibility of a third-party murder is currently underway.

His relatives and kin have denied the charges, insisting that he was content in his marriage.


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According to Nakuru county, police commander Beatrice Kiraguri, physician, then attempted suicide in his bedroom.

A sharp knife found on the table informs this. The incidence happened in his house in the affluent Milimani estate,

The doctors’ union has urged the government to provide mental health services to doctors and other health professionals.

Government employees, ranging from police officers to doctors, are committing suicide because of mental illness.

As a result, the government has devised complex strategies to raise public awareness of mental health issues.

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