Nairobi Estates Where ‘Boda Boda’ Is Not Allowed

‘Boda Boda’ has revolutionised the public transport sector in the country.

Most Kenyans, especially in the rural areas and informal settlements in urban areas, use this form of transport a lot.

They prefer using ‘Boda Boda’ to taxi because they are cheap and can take you anywhere.

However, as times goes by, robbers and dangerous thugs are using motorbikes to commit crimes and take off quickly without a trace.

Many people have fallen victim to knife wielding muggers who move around estates on ‘Boda Bodas’.

This has created a negative perception of these operators. Kenyans associate them with crime and violence.

They don’t observe any traffic rules and whenever they are in a traffic dispute; they come in huge numbers to torch vehicles and maim other road users.

These people have no regard for the law. Boda Boda’s business has created employment for thousands of jobless youths.

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They contribute to the economy of the country, but they are breeding criminals that threaten lives of innocent Kenyans.

This has prompted affluent estates to ban use of ‘Boda Boda’ in their neighborhood. One such estate includes Muthaiga and Runda.

For Muthaiga, they have not only banned them but also public transport vehicles commonly known as ‘Matatu’

They have deployed services of Kenyan police who have mounted roadblocks that make sure “Matatus” doesn’t gain access to the estate.

They have mounted road blocks in Muthaiga/Kiambu road junction just outside oil Libya plaza.

It is a round-the-clock road block and they arrest any motor bike rider that goes through.

The only motorbikes allowed are for delivery companies. Muthaiga road is purely a diplomatic zone.

In Muthaiga, the ban came after in 2019 they robbed the Danish foreign minister on a visit at gunpoint.

She was returning to the ambassador’s residence and thugs riding a motor bike accosted her and stole her Gold necklace.

It wasn’t the first tiff involving the diplomat. They robbed the wife of the Saudi defence minister.

The foreign missions met at the US Ambassador’s residence and wrote a heavy protest note to MOFA and they responded with all those measures.

The same is happening at Farasi Lane near Kitisuru.

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