Nadia Mukami’s Strange Response To A Fan Who Asked When She Will Get Pregnant Wows Kenyans

Nadia Mukami is one of the best female singers in Kenya. She has had some of her songs top the charts before and she has a huge following on social media.

It is rumored that she is dating Arrow Boy, something that she has never denied or accepted. Her silence on the dating rumors confirms that she is Arrow Boy’s woman.

During a question-and-answer session with her fans in social media, a fan asked her if and when she is planning to get pregnant for Arrow boy. The talented singer hilariously responded that she has never slept with a man and she is still cleaning.

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This is the second time the singer has insisted that she is still preserving her body for her husband. It is odd in this time and era to find a woman of her age who has not been touched by a man.

If indeed what she is saying is true then she must be commended for doing that. She is going to give her husband the best wedding gift on their first night something almost 99% of women throughout the world can’t offer.

Of course, most of her fans dismissed her sentiment calling her dishonest. It is only Nadia and Arrow Boy who knows the truth and all the Kenyan girls should look up to her because she is a good example of an ideal woman to marry.

This whole story about Nadia Mukami is a lesson for all the young girls that some things can wait and it is possible to say no and stay clean until when the time is right.

Some girls have ruined their lives by engaging in activities that are meant for the married. They end up becoming pregnant and destroy their chance of succeeding in life by concentrating in their studies.

Becoming a young mother is so challenging mentally and physically. Other gynecological problems also have a high propensity to happen in young girls.

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