My Husband Has A Strange Porridge Addiction

Man with scoliosis addicted to porridge
Porridge Addiction

Addiction is a strong desire to do or indulge in something repeatedly. The habit has so much control over you fear you won’t be able to live without it.

It still baffled scientists why some people develop addictions while others do not. Addiction runs in families, and I have related specific genes to distinct types of addiction. However, not every member of a family afflicted by addiction is at risk.

We often misunderstand addiction as a choice or a moral issue, and that all you have to do is stop. However, this could not be further from the truth.

The brain alters because of addiction, and it takes a lot of effort to restore it back to normal. The more drugs or alcohol you’ve consumed, the more your brain gets disrupted.

Because of their effects on the brain, alcohol, narcotics like cocaine, cannabis, oxycodone, and others are among the most common causes of addiction.

Because of the disruption of brain functioning, they promote euphoria, sleep, and other forms of bodily satisfaction.

The mechanism by which oatmeal promotes addiction baffles doctors. A woman has come forward to allege that her spouse has a peculiar porridge addiction.

We all know porridge has no effect on the brain, but this man was born with it. The man was born normal, according to his wife, but later became disabled and his back arched.

He can’t walk or stand on his own. He has a severe case of scoliosis, and his wife has assumed full responsibility for the household.

Since he developed a porridge addiction, Vianey hasn’t stopped eating porridge and hasn’t even drunk water.

When Vianey misses drinking porridge, he experiences severe withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, sweating, vomiting, sadness, and epileptic hallucinations, just like it happens to other drug addicts.

The Rwandese guy drinks porridge every 10 to 20 minutes, and if they do not provide him porridge, he dies.

Vianney’s wife needs to work extra hard to collect the flour to make his husband’s life-saving drink since he always asks for porridge.

She bathes him and transports him throughout the house. The man and his wife had eight children, and the family is now poor.

She cannot feed, cloth, or transport them to school. Her moving account explains how her husband insists on porridge every 10 minutes.

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