“My Bearded Thief, This one I Promise To Keep,” Betty Kyalo Pens Down A Sweet Poem To Her New Man

Betty Kyalo is full of life and her happiness is contagious. She looks truly happy after falling in love with a member of the beard gang. The former news anchor is in love with Nick Ndeda.

Their love story was put to the full glare of the public when they went on a short vacation to an unknown destination and from the photos, she has been posting; they seem to have enjoyed themselves.

The mother of one has made headlines lately when it emerged that she is dating a flamboyant Luo advocate. The tall bearded hunk has is not an average Nairobi guy.

He is a rich and ambitious lawyer who harbors ambitions of being the president of Kenya. He is also philanthropic because has a foundation that helps the vulnerable in society.

Betty has fallen head over heels for Nairobi advocate Nick Ndeda. The two love birds have been all over social media and they look really happy together.

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Betty Kyalo is a popular personality whose life is always under the microscope. She was once married to Dennis Okari but she divorced him from flamboyant governor Ali Hassan Joho who dumped her when it was apparent that she was not ready to settle down with the flashy politician and become a housewife.

Betty has found her true love because she has made her relationship public by confessing her feelings for him something she has never done to any man since she divorced the investigative journalist, Dennis Okari.

Here is the sweet poem that she has written for her new man;

Yes finally, 

I have found the bearded thief of my heart, 

This one I promise to keep, 

He is one of the rare breeds, 

His eyes glow as if adorned with diamonds, 

His smile that reveals white teeth smothered me to submission, 

He is a man, 

A great man who finally found my girlish whims and brought them to bloom, 

He found me and picked me tenderly as he would to a flower, 

He brushed my sepals softly and felt the texture of the soft petals, 

He said I was a flower, 

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The most beautiful of flowers, 

I agreed, 

I’m a flower, 

My sepals and my petals are for him to pick and keep, 

I will not bolt out, 

I will agree, 

If he will need me in his compound, 

If this beautiful flower should grow in his house, 

I agree to be taken.

I agree to be firmly planted in his home, 

With him, I will grow and blossom.

I will say yes to my bearded thief, 

My friends do not be shaken,

Do not worry if you don’t find me in our usual joint, 

Give time to my bearded prince to roam about, 

He should mark the boundaries well, 

I should also know him well, 

I should stroke that beard and feel if he derives his prowess there like Samson who derived his power from his long hair, 

My friends, I feel I’m there, 

I’m there in the desert, 

My bearded prince will take me to the oasis where I will quench my thirst and hope I will never feel thirsty again.


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