Music Is The Mask: Robert Alai Exposes Exactly How Ringtone Makes His Money

Robert Alai is embroiled in a court tussle with the self-proclaimed richest artist in East Africa, Ringtone after they were involved in a minor road traffic accident in Kilimani.

The two men were not able to settle their dispute amicably and they resorted to physical confrontation. Alai attacked Ringtone with a club and he sustained injuries to his head and shoulder.

There is no reported loss of memory or consciousness during the scuffle which means he sustained just soft tissue injuries which are minor.

The dramatic gospel artist has since escalated the issue and it is now a court case of physical assault. Ringtone raised eyebrows sometime last week when he attended a court session in an ambulance.

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If found guilty of assaulting him, Alai will be ordered to compensate him for the damage he caused him or face a jail term.
The beef has continued outside the courts and last night Robert Alai threw a jab at the musician questioning his source of wealth because he doesn’t make music or getting gigs or shows to make money.

The same doubts were raised by blogger Abraham Mutai and both are in concurrence that Ringtone is using music to hide his criminal activities of fraud and selling fake Gold to unsuspecting Arab businessmen.

Ringtone has not responded to those allegations that music is just a mask he is using to hide behind to continue money laundering. The man has very few songs to his name but he is rolling in the top-of-the-range cars and living his best lives when genuine and hardworking musicians are struggling to make ends meet.

This message by Robert Alai is set to escalate their beef further but as the good citizens we are, we can only relax and wait to see if those allegations by Robert Alai are true or ways of outdoing his opponent.

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