Musalia Mudavadi Is Heading To Hustler Nation

Dp Ruto is on the spot again for the way he has been treating the security men assigned to him. Sometime back this year, the inspector general of police changed his security team

Musalia Mudavadi is the party leader of Amani National Congress party (ANC).

He is a principal of Nasa Coalition that is no longer in existence.

Mudavadi has insisted that he would not support Raila Odinga this time round.

He reiterated the same words in Kakamega a day before meeting president Uhuru in the statehouse and in Thika after the meeting him.

Even though Mudavadi did not directly say Raila Odinga, we all know he was referring to him.

This is because Uhuru has been hinting for a long time that Raila is his preferred choice to succeed him.

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It is now clear that OKA and particularly Musalia Mudavadi have rejected to heed to the president’s relentless plea to have OKA united to back Raila Odinga.

OKA has significant support, but for any of them to go it alone, it might be tricky for Raila Odinga.

This is because of the huge contributions they made in Raila garnering almost 7 million votes in the last election.

Kalonzo has been negotiating secretly with Raila Odinga and has not been vocal in condemning the president like Mudavadi.

From all indications, Mudavadi will not be backing Raila Odinga for the presidency. Kenyans know he stands no chance to beat either Raila or Ruto.

If he goes all the way to the ballot, he might not manage even a million votes. This leaves him with one choice, which means backing William Ruto.

That might not be so good for his political career because the western region has been backing Raila Odinga.

If he goes with Ruto, then he might not cause any significant dip in Raila’s votes from the region.

Musalia looks lost and rejecting the president’s offer is na├»ve and a wrong move because Kalonzo and Gideon will leave him for Raila.

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