Murumbe High School Teachers That Were Poisoned By Student Finally Discharged

Health care providers in one hospital in Embu County put teachers of Murumbe High School on treatment. This is after a Form One pupil injected libido-boosting Viagra to their staffroom tea. Eye witnesses said the creepy student must have been on a revenge mission.

The teachers have since been under medical supervision but doctors released some of them after responding to treatment.

According to reports, Jennifer Ndwiga, a student, added the booster after a teacher chastised her on Thursday afternoon. She felt aggrieved and swore to revenge according to some of her friends.

“She came with the drug to school after being chastised for being too loud. The girl loves making noise in class,” said a staff member who sought anonymity.

The Murumbe High School teachers that took the tea spiked by the learner complained of involuntary erectile malfunction. They claimed their legs hurt a lot. That is when some of them raised alarm and called for an ambulance.

“We would like her to be jailed since it is apparent that she can poison other pupils or create serious harm to our school and reputation,” the staff member added.

The student is currently on the run, and investigations are ongoing. Nobody knows her whereabouts up to now.

Corporal punishment could cause such gross misconduct among students. Teachers must now resort to reasoning.

Meanwhile, it took the efforts of the area chief to calm down pupils at Mukongu Secondary School in Maragua, Murang’a County. This was after their attempt to burn down the school cafeteria. This is because it disappointed them that there was insufficient bread.

“There is no point of having a canteen that does not sell bread. How do they expect us to survive? We’d rather burn it down,” remarked an angry student.

The school overpriced the bread

The children claimed that the school administration rations bread and that the keeper was extorting money from them by raising the costs.

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