Mukundi’s Friend Makes This Controversial Request To Women On His Burial

Jonathan Mukundi was laid to rest at his rural home in Kanyoni, Kiambu County 48hours after his late wife was also buried at her mother’s home in Kianjage village, Kirinyaga county.

Mukundi is alleged to have shot himself in the head after killing his wife in what is suspected to be a domestic row. The two were married but were childless even after living together for 10 years.

During his burial ceremony that was attended by his friends and family, Mukundi’s friend and business associate Mr. Maina asked women to stop stressing men because they are driving them into depression, alcoholism, and suicide.

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This statement was controversial because Mukundi’s actions can not be justifiable given the fact that he ended the life of a lady that was the only child to her mother and it was very painful for her to take it.

“To the men, I want to say to you that it is not every bird that can be caged. Hence, don’t allow yourself to be pressured until you die by suicide,” stated Maina.

“Let us talk to each other about these things, away from the women. To the women, please stop stressing us because we just want peace. Sometimes we even cheat on our beautiful wives because of such issues.”

Maina further urged the media to do due diligence on any story before writing the news because the lies that were spread by the media regarding Mukundi’s death did hurt his friends and family when they would have simply sort for accurate information from them.

“To the media, you hurt us. It is good to talk to close friends when sourcing for your story, we would have told you the truth. We are not perfect, and for Mukundi, I cannot condemn him. He was under a lot of pressure,”

Bottom line we should be kind to each other and always look for better ways to solve any marital issues without using violence or slipping into depression. Talk to people when having problems other than returning to alcohol or suicide to end your perceived problems.

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