Moses Kuria: Why He May Never Walk Again

Moses Kuria is the current member of parliament for Gatundu south.

The vocal politician is a powerful critic of the president and Raila Odinga.

He is currently nursing 3-degree burns on his feet after a 250k electric blanket burned him.

Third-degree burn means that they have involved all the layers of the skin.

These types of burns are severe and warrant admission.

Moses Kuria is diabetic and has been struggling with chronic arthritis and numbness because of diabetic neuropathy.

Diabetic neuropathy means that it has damaged his nerves around the feet because of high blood sugar levels.

Damaged nerves mean you can’t be able to feel pain or heat on the feet.

One contraindication for electric blankets is diabetes, pregnancy, and infants.

This is because of the neuropathy associated with diabetes.

When you have diabetes mellitus, you cannot feel when the electric blanket has become too hot hence, you will end up with burnt feet.

During the chilly and winter months, heated blankets can give warmth and comfort.

When you don’t follow the required precautions, heated blankets represent a chief danger of burn injuries and fires.

Pregnant women who use electric blankets are at risk of miscarriage.

They also associated heated blankets with an increased risk of heatstroke in short research published in 2007.

Why Moses Kuria Might Not Walk Again

Moses Kuria made the mistake of using an electric blanket to cure his numbness and arthritis because he is diabetic.

The blanket got hotter and hotter without him feeling it and he ended up sustaining severe burns on his feet.

The bad news for Moses Kuria is that diabetics struggle for wound healing. The politician might end up not getting healed at all.

About 14-24 percent of people with diabetes who develop wounds end up with amputation because of non-healing wounds.

Diabetics experience poor wound healing because high sugars prevent nutrients and oxygen from energizing cells.

It also prevents your immune system from functioning efficiently, and increases inflammation in the body’s cells.

Peripheral neuropathy, poor blood circulation, and lower immunity associated with diabetes also contribute to poor wound healing.

If the medics don’t treat the wounds aggressively coupled with good immunity, Moses Kuria might end up with a bilateral amputation of his legs.

This is sad and scary because amputation means confining him to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

We pray to God that he responds well to treatment because that is the result if things don’t work out medically.


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