Monthly Salary of a Recce Squad Officer Revealed

The Recce Squad Company of Kenya is an elite paramilitary force of the General Service Unit. Recce squad officers receive basic training in Embakasi. After that they are sent on to advanced training in the Magadi Field Training Camp.

They then go for further exercises in Solio Ranch, and Ruiru College, as well as abroad in Israel, the United States, and even the United Kingdom.

This squad is exceedingly clandestine, especially in how they carry out their operations. That is why their number is unknown, but their results speak louder in all of their missions. Because they undergo extremely tough training, an “average” guy cannot stand.

Recce Squad gained public attention when it carried out one of its biggest operations in Kenya. This was during the Westgate and Garissa University attacks by the Al Shabaab, an al-Qaeda related group. They neutralized the terrorists in the shortest time possible.

Recce Squad undergoes rigorous training

After completing the mandatory basic training, the government gives those who qualify for this special unit and achieve the best in academic and field performance a 7-month specialized training.

They are trained in VIP protection, handling and detonating dangerous explosives. They also specialize in security of critical installations, anti-terrorism, sky marshal (the counter-terrorism unit on commercial flights), and complex rescue operations.


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Although they risk their lives to save Kenyans, their pay is pitiful. Recently, prominent city lawyer Donald B. Kipkorir became enraged after learning that most of the cops earn less than KES 30,000 per month. This came as a shock to many Kenyans.

When one considers their abilities in dealing with terrorists in high-stress circumstances, we should properly compensate them. From the Westgate incident to the Garissa University attack, they have received many honors.

Someone who puts their life in danger for all of this deserves better pay. Check out the leaked pay slip of several Recce Squad officers that have been circulating online for a while now;

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