Mombasa Women Reveal Why They Turn Down Indian Soldiers

Why Mombasa girls don't entertain Indian soldiers at night

Mombasa is a Kenyan coastal city recognized for its magnificent tourism attractions.

The city is active because of the coastal people’s culture and way of life.

The people of the seashore have discovered ways to profit from the burgeoning tourism industry.

This can include becoming a tour guide, selling tourist items, and even prostitution.

Prostitution is illegal in Kenya, but the country’s difficult economic situation has pushed women and men into it.

In their struggle to make ends meet, these men and women encounter a variety of obstacles.

A few of Mombasa twilight girls have spoken out about their business ahead of the Christmas season.

The greatest issue, according to Ann Njeri, is when a client requests the girls accompany them to their homes.

It terrified them since they are strangers and do not know what will happen to them.

Ann stated she does not take strangers to their homes because many women have died because of doing so.

She further stated that you will not get your pay if you follow these men to their homes.

At Christmas, Mary Achieng, who also spoke about her experience, claims that things get interesting.

This is because many soldiers transit through Mombasa on their way home.

Twilight females rip huge since these soldiers are often willing to spend their money on them.

“Business is decent, but it improves as we approach the Christmas season because soldiers from other countries frequently want to visit Mombasa.”

The girls do not entertain Indian soldiers, since they are frugal.

They simply want to pay them 500 Kenyan shillings, as if they were poor Kenyan niggas.

They choose those from the United States and the United Kingdom.


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