Mike Sonko’s Promise To Caroline Kangogo After Her Death Surprises Kenyans

Mike Sonko is the former Nairobi Governor who was ousted from his seat in a very embarrassing manner. The flashy governor was impeached for allegedly embezzling the county with millions of shillings and for gross misconduct.

Sonko was once the favorite polite politician who heard the ear of the president but his attempt to go against Uhuru’s advice got him on the wrong side of Kenya’s most powerful man.

Sonko made a blunder when he openly insulted the president in a rally that was attended by the deputy president and his Tanga Tanga brigade.

This broke the camel’s back and there was no way back for Sonko. He is now an ordinary man with various criminal cases on his neck.

Sonko felt that president Uhuru was silently planning a coup against his regime when he introduced the Nairobi Metropolitan services headed by the military.

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His resistance bore no fruits because president Uhuru had the resources to outmuscle him. Nevertheless, Sonko is known for his philanthropic activities that are meant to uplift the lives of ordinary Kenyans.

He is a true hustler given the fact that he came from a poor background and he built his business empire from scratch. The flamboyant politician has a foundation that is called “Sonko RescueTeam” which carries out humanitarian activities that helps vulnerable Kenyans.

Just like he usually does, Sonko has come out to share his sympathy with the Kangogo family after she committed suicide. Sonko questioned the circumstances under which the rogue cop was found dead.

He offered to take care of her two children in terms of their health, food, clothing, and education. Sonko promised to see them through School because children are a gift from God and they are meant to give joy to families.

Mike Sonko has kept his channels open and the family of the Late Kangogo should look for him to fulfill his promise.

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