Mike Sonko Has Gone Broke

Mike Sonko is broke. This is, according to his lawyers who told the courts that he is barely surviving

The Nairobi county MCAs impeached and disgraced the flamboyant former governor.

Mike Sonko is currently battling many cases in court related to corruption and misuse of power.

Sonko filed a case in court, interesting the court to pay him back the 15 million shillings bail he paid.

In an application filed in the High Court, Sonko claimed that freezing his accounts means he can’t foot bills.

This includes paying fees for his children, and he wants to be to replace the bail with other assets as security.

Mike Sonko wants this move to prevent him from going bankrupt.
“I request the court to allow me post security instead of cash bail so I can use the money to take care of my health.

I also want to pay my children’s school fee, lawyers, and meet my family’s daily needs,” he stated.
According to Sonko, he has no source of income and has secured 3 high-end vehicles to support his family.

These vehicles are worth Sh30.4 million, which he wants to surrender to court as securities in place of the cash bail.

His lawyer, Philip, argued that law enables an accused person to deposit cash bail or security in a criminal proceeding.

If they reimburse him for the Sh15 million, the prosecution will not incur any prejudice.

According to the prosecution, they accused Sonko in December 2019 of conspiring with rogue businesses.

He also colluded with top county officials to embezzle millions of shillings from Nairobi County.

Sonko allegedly took Sh39 million in kickbacks into his personal accounts.

They charged him with three counts, including conspiracy to commit a crime.

These crimes include corruption, conflict of interest, and money laundering.

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