Men Wobbling In Fear After A Nairobi Woman Expose Over100 Men She Has Infected With HIV(Photos)

A suicidal woman identified as Ruth James on her Facebook account is in depression after facing tough times in her life. She has threatened to expose men she has intentionally infected with HIV.

The young woman who is a mother of one daughter hail from Nyayo Estate, Nairobi Metropolitan county. She is under severe stress after her man neglected her and started dating other women with zero disregards for her.

She later learned that she had contracted HIV due to her husband’s tendency to have unprotected extramarital affairs.

Ruth is a popular Luo lady judging from the kind of engagements her posts get on Facebook. According to her, she made it her mission to revenge against men after what she has gone through at the hands of a man.

She has deliberately been infecting reckless men who sleep with her without using protection. We do understand her pain and frustration but infecting someone deliberately is against the law and she will face the consequences including a jail term.

Nairobi men are reeling in fear because she has threatened to release their names and photos of the 100 men she has allegedly infected with HIV.

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She acted out of depression because she has even contemplated taking her own life. After all, life has lost meaning to her. Her friends and family have been urging her to bring down the posts and reach out to them for help instead of making mistakes that might land her in trouble.

Mental illness is becoming a big problem in the country and the ministry of health should double its effort in dealing with cases of depression, Bipolar, Unipolar, organic psychosis, and schizophrenia that are becoming more common.

All the cases of individuals that threatened to commit suicide on social media have always made good of their threats and went ahead to do so. It is sad to lose a young life because they did not talk to anyone about their problems.

It is hard to live with the reality of HIV but so many people are leading a healthy life for more than 20 years with HIV. Ruth should consider her daughter before anything else in decision-making.

I hope her family and friends will take her threats seriously and accord her the help she needs before things get out of hand.

Below are some of the men she has exposed;

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