Men, If You See These 7 Red Flags, Run Because You Are Dating a Narcissist Woman

Men need to avoid narcissist women. Here are 7 red flags that the woman you are dating is a narcissist that you need to get rid of and get into Karura forest at the earliest opportunity.

  1. She doesn’t take no for an answer.

If she insists on having it her way, then she doesn’t respect your boundaries, and soon you will run into problems, or you will become a victim in that relationship, where you will be surviving, and you will be doing anything and everything at her whims. When you see that kind, run for your dear life.

  1. She wants to separate you from your close friends

If she wants to separate you from your friends or close family members, let her ‘go drying’. One of the strategies of narcissistic manipulators is to cut you off from your support system, and she will have you all for herself. You will have it rough brother.

  1. She makes nasty comments about you

If you are dating a lady that makes comments that are meant to DEVALUE you, sometimes masked as humour, avoid her by all means. Such comments are meant to destroy your self-esteem, so that you settle for less (she is less).

  1. She is never on the wrong

If she doesn’t accept her fault when she is wrong, and somehow makes everything your fault, what are you waiting for? Flee without apology. That one will destroy your life, while there are very many wonderful ladies out there that you can/should meet.

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  1. She monopolizes conversations

When she monopolizes conversations, all talking about herself, telling this story or the other where she is the greatest hero, and keeps cutting you off and interjecting while you are speaking, be very careful.

  1. She is rude to other people

When you notice she speaks rudely to waiters (disaster waiting to happen), mistreats the house helps, commandeers the watchman (signs of bad nerves), curses often (signs of being outrageous), shouts unnecessarily (energy vampire), avoid her. She is definitely trouble.

  1. Has a mother that mistreats her father

When you have an opportunity to meet her parents/family and you notice the mother is rude and disrespectful to the father, save yourself future emotional pain. That’s damaged goods.

Unfortunately bad behaviors in women are either celebrated, tolerated or awarded thus conditioning guys to accept dysfunction.

The essence of simping is rewarding women who don’t care about you with attention and relationship privileges.

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