Meet The Soldier Who Killed Osama bin Laden, Why He Was Fired After The Mission

Osama bin Laden was once the most wanted person due to his terrorist activities across the world.

One of the most significant historical events on the globe was the assassination of Osama Bin Laden.

We link him to several mass murders around the world, including 1998 bombing of the American Embassy in Kenya .

He was also responsible for the September 11th bomb attack on the United States’ Twin Towers.

The news of the Führer’s killing happened under the leadership of former US President Barack Obama.

They laid an ambush on Osama’s headquarters at his house in Pakistan, a town named Abbottabad.

His elimination brought relief to the entire globe because terrorism was becoming a menace.

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They involved six personnel in the operation, but we also got the help of the Criminal Investigation Agency (CIA).

One of the six handled the death of Osama bin Laden.

Meet The Soldier Who Killed Osama bin Laden, Why He Was Fired After The Mission

Nobody does any honors in such tasks, according to the team, and they deem everything teamwork.

One of the team members, however, disobeyed the oath and accepted the award.

According to accounts, the six members of the seal team named O’Neil were the ones that targeted Osama when he revealed it in a leaked interview.
Such sensitive information should not have leaked in any manner, according to the Code of Silence, and no one else could have it save O’Neil himself.

The code of silence is an oath that promises to keep every secret in the team forever and can cause the team being killed or fired if broken.

O’Neill said that the other players had missed their strokes, but he had hit the iron on the head.

After making this statement, they sacked him from the team after several years of service.

The code of silence forbids them from making any public statements about the operation or taking any personal credit for it.

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