Meet The Five-Year-Old Kenyan Boy That’s Making Millions On YouTube

His real name is Terrence but most of you know him as TT comedian. The kid is only five years old. According to his mother who was interviewed by Jalango on his YouTube channel Jalango TV, TT turned five on Saturday 26th June, 2021.

At his very tender age, most people wonder how the boy manages to master complex lines and execute them perfectly while on set.

When asked about his fellow fully grown actors, he said that he likes acting with Omar and Mjukuu.

“I like acting with Omar and Mjukuu,” TT told Jalas.

It is Omar who is behind is very hilarious lines that keep people glued on his very popular YouTube channel.

From the statistics on the channel, he is making a lot of money monthly (hundreds of thousands) when converted to Kenya shillings. His most watched video on YouTube has 2.7 million views and still counting. In the video TT acted with slay queens and discouraged them from eating fare. Some of his lines sound very mature though.

Three videos are posted on his YouTube channel every week. Each video garners well over 500k views. The funny boy’s talent is now a source of income for his family.

When asked when he realized her son is talented, his mother said, “TT started acting right from the womb. I am also an actress so I used to go for shoots while pregnant with him.”

He told Jalas that his favorite mean is ugali and chicken. His parents still treat him as a child. He can decide to sleep while shooting a set and they cannot force him to continue. Sometimes he can decide to demand food while on set and they have to stop everything until his needs are met.

Just to confirm how bright he is, TT can differentiate between his school days and shoot days. On his shoot days, he always demands his attire from his mother.

“He knows his shoot and school days very well. During shoot days, he normally demands to be given his attire,” says the mum.

His mother advises parents to be nurturing their children’s talents. It is important that parents identify their kids’ talents in good time.

When asked what he would like to be when he grows up, he said he just wants to drive cars. Watch the video of his interview on Bonga na Jalas below;

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