Meet The Beautiful Wife Peter Ndwiga Has Left Behind After His Brutal Murder By Caroline Kangogo

Peter Njeru Ndwiga was brutally murdered by Caroline Kangogo at a hotel room in Kimbo, Juja town of Kiambu county. The slain man was a businessman and the CEO of a Security Company. Caroline had lured her man after paying for a room in Dedamax hotel in Kimbo area of Juja town with drinks and sex at around 4 pm before shooting him in cold blood.

She left him in a pool of blood in the room that she had paid for and lied to the hotel management that she was going to buy toothpaste only to escape. The body of Peter was later discovered in the room by the room attendants the following morning.

His body was moved to Thika general Kogo’s funeral home awaiting biopsy. The biopsy was done today and the pathologists have given a preliminary report indicating that the 32-year-old security consultant died from excessive bleeding into the brain which was prompted by the close-range gunshot to the head.

Caroline seems like she is targeting her former lovers for elimination to reasons well known to her because she was a married woman and a mother of 2. She is said to be engaged in prostitution in Nakuru town as a side hustle and it is not yet clear if her husband who is also a senior police officer attached to the maritime police station in Mombasa was aware that his woman was a call girl.
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This is a big lesson to men who are finding it difficult to stick to their women and be faithful to them because Peter lost his life because of free alcohol and sex outside wedlock. He has now left behind his young and beautiful wife without anyone to take care of her.

His wife will be wondering how her husband was lured into a death trap by a prostitute and a criminal with things that she would have offered him at home. She had gone to make a report about her missing husband at Juja police station only for the police to realize that the deceased’s car had been towed to the station after it was found abandoned at a bus stop.

Below is the photo of his young and beautiful wife;

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