Matiang’i Wins Again After DCI Attempted This

Matiang’i is the immediate former cabinet secretary for internal security.

He was the custodian of all the intelligence regarding the internal security in the country.

Cs Matiang’i ruffed many feathers during his tenure due to the amount of power he wielded in the ministry.

Most of his victims were politicians that were not supporting the regime of former president Uhuru Kenyatta.

They arrested most of these politicians on Fridays for frivolous charges.

They released them after embarrassing and frustrating them.

The shoe is firmly on his feet, and he is already feeling the pain. Last week, a contingent of detectives raided his home.

It took the intervention of media, his lawyers and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga for the detectives to flee the area.

This is according to his lead counsel, Dunstan Omari.

The Ministry of Internal Security, the police boss, DCI boss, Eacc Boss and DPP has all denied targeting Matiang’i.

CCTV Footage Of The CS Matiang’i Home

Media is under pressure to release the footage of the police men raiding Matiang’i home.

This is hard to come by because his lawyers are adamant that the detectives ran away when they saw the media.

The media counsel has since ordered the media house to provide the footage.

Kenyans deserve to know what exactly transpired that night.

The DCI boss also demanded the same, but that was not forthcoming .

So they went to seek court orders to compel him to release the CCTV footage.

The court sitting in Nairobi city failed to grant orders seeking the former CS to release the footage for scrutiny.

In the orders sought by the DCI, the security firm contracted to manage the CCTV cameras in Matiang’i Home will be required to forward the footage.

The footage in question is the one they recorded between February 8 and February 9.

This should happen before February 22, when the matter will be heard but the court refused.

Matiang’i is a free man for now until the DCI get the orders from court.

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