Matiang’i At Pains To Explain The Aydin Case But Hints At Who Might Have Smuggled Him Into Kenya

The interior cabinet secretary Fred Matiang’i was at pains to explain why and how they deported Harun Aydin. He said that Aydin was arrested and deported to his country in Turkey after his suspect criminal activities became apparent.

He was barred from moving to Tanzania who later shared sensitive information about him with the Kenyan immigration authorities.

The parliamentary committee on security put him on task to explain why they issued him with a work permit without doing a background check on him. The legislatures also wanted to know why he entered Kenya twice without his passport being stamped.

The cabinet secretary said that Aydin might have traveled into Kenya using a private jet with some Kenyan VIPs and escaped the regular security checks and stamping of the passports by using the VIP protocols in the airport.

It is obvious that the Kenyan VIPs are deputy president William Ruto and his close allies like Oscar Sudi. The government acted on the intelligence reports shared by Tanzania and did a background check on him and how he escaped the attention of the immigration authorities.

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After doing the due diligence on him, they realized that they had made a mistake to give him a work permit because he had invested nothing in the country despite being in and out of the country since 2018. They decided to cancel his work permit and deported him to Turkey.

The government failed to charge him in court because of the diplomatic negotiation with the Turkish government. The CS further debunked the lies peddled by UDA propagandists that they had apologized to the Turkish government saying that they had no reason to do so because they were protecting the security of Kenyans.

The case of Aydin has caused political Pickering especially from the side of the deputy president who feels that his friends are being persecuted because of their affiliation to him in a bid to scare them into submission.

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