Masten Wanjala: Reprieve For The 3 Arrested Police Officers After Bungoma Residents Lynched Him

Masten Wanjala: Reprieve For The 3 Arrested Police Officers After Bungoma Residents Lynched Him

Masten Wanjala, a 20-year-old guy who captivated the nation after confessing to a string of child abductions.

These abductions sadly culminated in the deaths of at least ten children.

An enraged mob in Bungoma killed Wanjala days after escaping from police custody in Nairobi ahead of his court appearance.

Bungoma Cornelius Nyaribai, Assistant County Commissioner, confirmed his death on Friday.

The authorities arrested Wanjala in July and held him in detention because investigators asked for his plea to be deferred.

This happened on at least two occasions to allow them time to complete their investigations.

He led police to at least six murder scenes in Nairobi’s Shauri Moyo and Western Kenya, where he had disposed the remains.

This happened shortly after his arrest. The police transported him to court days later.

He led officers to scenes in Shauri Moyo, Nairobi, where he admitted to killing and discarding two youngsters, according to police.

During the hunt, Wanjala led the detectives to Kabete, where they discovered two more victims’ bodies in a river.

Detectives believe Masten Wanjala committed other murders in Machakos and Bungoma.


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“At Wanjala’s most recent court appearance, the ODPP requested he undergo a mental evaluation at Mathari Hospital.

This is in order to send him to the High Court to face murder accusations,” the public prosecutor said.

They gave police at least 30 days to detain him in order to complete their investigations, but the suspect kept asking for extensions.

Masten Wanjala needed more time to escort detectives to more murder scenes.

The police detained him at the Jogoo Road Police Station. Wanjala was to appear in court on October 13.

Officials, however, discovered him missing while doing the routine roll call.

“We found him missing, and no one knows how he got away,” a senior police official told Capital FM News. “He must have gotten away on Tuesday.”

On Thursday, they arraigned three police officers who were on duty at the time of his escape in court.

The officers did not enter a plea when investigators requested additional time to question them.

They described Wanjala as a “bloodthirsty vampire,” who slaughtered his victims “in the most brutal manner.

He sometimes drains blood from their veins before murdering them,” according to police.

The killings of 12- and 13-year-olds have been going on for five years.

The bodies of other children thought to have perished in his hands have yet to be discovered.

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