Maranda Boys Torch A Newly Constructed Multi-Million Dormitory

Maranda Highschool is the latest secondary school in Kenya to go up in flames.

Maranda boys put on fire a newly constructed multi-million dormitory that hosts about 500 students.

They have reported no casualties in the night incident at Marand Highschool.

This shows that even the bright and hard-working students need a break as much as they want to do well in their exams.

The Maranda fire comes barely 24 hours after Kakamega Highschool did the same and a host of other schools like Buruburu girls.

Buruburu girls will resume back to school this week after the board of management fined every parent to pay 1500 shillings.

Sometime last week, the cabinet secretary for Education professor Magoha announced schools will break for half term breaks from 19th November,2021.

He also warned parents that the government will not tolerate any destructions done in schools by their children.

The courts will prosecute students found guilty and the parents bear the burden of the school.

They attribute this latest trend to fatigue after the gruelling school calender, brought by the effects of Covid-19.

The brief breaks haven’t helped because these students need a longer break to steam off.

The government has been in the race to recover from the many months they lost during the heights of Covid-19 pandemic.

They projected the normal school calender to resume in 2023 January.

From the ongoing trends, the students are not willing to wait for the scheduled half term breaks on 19th.

The marathon has worn out their bodies and brains. A break is the only thing they are thinking of.

The wise thing for the ministry to do is to close schools immediately because it looks like the trend will continue.

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