List Of TV Girls Whose Marriage Failed

Marriage is not for the faint of heart. Both partners must commit to the course and try their best to make it work in order for it to succeed.

When the expectations are too high and the reality exceeds them, things go wrong.

Respect and love are the solid foundations required for a successful marriage.

Celebrities and other popular figures are having difficulty maintaining their marriages.

Celebrities find it challenging to find true love because of public scrutiny and high expectations.

With divorce, it’s the TV girls who have suffered the most. Almost all the TV girls have undergone divorce.

The following is a list of television actresses who have failed in their marriage.

1. Janet Mbugua 

The former citizen’s TV newscaster is the wife of Eddie Ndichu, and they have two children.

They appeared to be happy together, however the most recent information we have is that she is no longer married to her long-time partner.

She doesn’t wear her wedding band anymore, and they’ve erased all of their Instagram images and stopped following each other.

She thanked a lot of individuals at the unveiling of the “inua dada center, ” but she never mentioned her husband.

When Eddie’s wife had an important event, he was playing golf.


1. Nakuru Tycoon, Mahinda’s Son Takes Pesticide after Catching Wife in Bed with Best Friend

2. Betty Kyalo is number two on the list.

After a costly wedding and a lavish honeymoon, the former KTN and K24 news anchor divorced her husband after only 6 months.

Betty Kyalo divorced her husband after governor Joho had an affair with her.

She left Joho after discovering that the meadow on the other side was not that green after all. She’s dating a flashy Nairobi lawyer at the moment.

3. Terry Ann Chebet is number three on the list.

With news anchors, Terry Ann Chebet is a household name.

She was a gifted news anchor who Citizen TV laid off, which caused her to become depressed.

She now owns her own media company and is a successful businesswoman.

Terry Ann Chebet is a divorcee and has a grown daughter.

4.Lilian Muli is number four on the list.

Lilian Muli divorced her spouse, although they did a wedding. Her spouse was a heavy drinker who abused her frequently.

When the domestic abuse got too much for her to bear, she resolved to divorce him.

She then married a wealthy entrepreneur with whom she had a son, but she divorced him because he was a community husband.

She is the mother of two sons and is currently a single mother.

5.Kamene Goro (Kamene Goro)

Kiss FM is the current employer of Kamene Goro.however, she began her career as a journalist on television.

Her Tanzanian affluent fiancee abandoned her over WhatsApp because of relationship issues.

6.Jacque Maribe 

The humiliated journalist is a single mother. Erick Omondi, the comedian who fathered her son, is no longer with her.

Joseph Irungu, alias Jowi, betrothed her, but the couple split up when the court convicted them of plotting Monica Kimani’s murder.

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