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Linnet Kathambi: Started As A Hawker But Owns A Multi-million Company

Linnet Kathambi is her official name, but she uses the name Kathy Andrews on Facebook.

The 30-year-old mother of three has seen it all. Linnet was born in Imenti Central Constituency in Meru County.

She went to primary school thereafter which she joined Kinjo Girls High School for her secondary education.

The beautiful soft-spoken lady revealed to this author that she did not go to college. After high school, life was tough.

Linnet Kathambi got a job back in Meru where she worked as an attendant at a timber yard.

The business that she worked for went under and that is how she lost the job.

Being a go-getter, she joined her sister who lived in Nairobi. Her aim was to’ tarmac’ to make ends meet.

Hawked goods

The only job opportunity at her disposal was that of sales and marketing.

She used to walk all the way from Zimmerman to Kamukunji to pick goods (mainly toothpaste and soaps) and take them to ‘Community’ where she would hawk them.

Life was tough, but she did not lose hope. Her ambition was to get enough capital to start her own timber yard.

Her sister encouraged her to soldier on and that is exactly what she did. She later met the love of her life, Moses Ng’ang’a, who fully supported her dreams.

With the little money she had and support from her man, they moved to Kinoo and set up a small timber yard in Kikuyu.

They named the business ‘SUNG TIMBER AND PRODUCTS’.

Linnet Kathambi bought a secondhand pick up worth KES 420,000 which she used to supply timber to clients.

From one pickup and a lorry, now her business has over 30 trucks that supply various building and construction products to many parts of the country.

They have employed over 80 permanent staff and several casual laborers.

One may wonder how a small timber business grew to a multimillion enterprise.

Her biggest turn around happened when timber production got a ban in Kenya some years ago.

She thought outside the box and started importing from Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi, and Zambia.

The demand for timber was more than supply and she seized the opportunity. She even landed a few government tenders.

She has now diversified her business and ventured into real estate.

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Her new project, Homes by SUNG, features furnished apartments and homes that are now 70% complete.

Linnet Kathambi loves a good life. She rolls around the city with several luxury vehicles among them a Jaguar, a Ford Ranger, and a Mercedes Benz just to mention a few.

Have a look at some of her property below that she shared on Facebook recently;

Linnet Kathambi: Hawker to Multimillionaire

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