Lilian To Alfred Mutua: “What Attracted Me To Juliani”

Lilian and Alfred Mutua have been hitting headlines lately after their bitter fall out.

These comes after Alfred mislead the public when news broke out that they are no-longer married.

Alfred told Kenyans that they mutually agreed to end their relationship but they remain to be friends.

Kenyans have been wondering how she dumped the powerful and rich governor for a struggling rapper.

Well, Kenyans think she went for sexual satisfactions but that is not the case.

In her interview with a local daily, Lilian Ng’ang’a has for the first time revealed what attracted her to Juliani.

“I met Juliani mid this year. It was out of blues because I had never interacted with him before.

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I like to call myself-thinker, but when I met him; it was like I had found the last piece of jigsaw puzzle. His values and mine align.

Just the way he looks at life, what he values, what is important to him are that same things that are important to me. For me, that is very rare.

Then now getting to know him at a personal level has confirmed to me he is a wonderful person.

I call myself God’s masterpiece, and his album’s title is similar.

I think you need to listen to his songs from the back of the days. He has only become better, and that attracted me to him.

But it looks like Alfred Mutua is not ready to give her up even after moving on with Juliani.

His latest action took Kenyans aback and revealed his other side that most Kenyans didn’t know.

According to Lilian Ng’ang’a, Alfred Mutua sent his bodyguard, who came to her apartment at night with a spare key and stole her car.

He sold it to a third party by forging her signatures. He laundered her company shares to his sister.

This is criminal and Lilian has already instructed her lawyers to instigate criminal proceeding against her ex husband.

Talking to Nation news, Lilian revealed that this was not the first time she has broken up with Alfred Mutua.

He did so 2 months into their union after she realised he was a married man. Alfred turned Nairobi upside down to win her back.

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