Life-Changing Deals Jalang’o Has Secured For The ‘Nitakufinya’ Man

Felix Odiwour popularly known as Jalang’o has been a revelation when it comes to changing the lives of ordinary men with potential and the needy. It is well documented how he has sponsored needy kids in school, disgraced legends like Omosh and Congestina Achieng are some of the people he has tried to help in the past with minimal success but his efforts cannot go unappreciated.

Jalang’o has done more than what politicians have done and he continues to nature talent like the case of Otile Brown. He made Otile Brown the man he is from selling sandals in the streets of Nairobi and Mombasa to being a superstar by just approaching him for help.

The Kiss100 radio host and Mc rose from grass to grace and he is now a rich man. Maybe that explains why he is keen to elevate the lives of hustlers. Forget about these other hustlers we are being told about in the political arena. Jalang’o is the true chief hustler given the kind of work he is doing without many resources.

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He has been interviewing different types of individuals ranging from celebrities to ordinary men in a society that are trending for various reasons. In one of his interviews this afternoon, Jalang’o invited the man that has been making headlines due to the famous ‘Nitakufinya ‘ phrase that has gone viral.

The funnyman runs various businesses among them a media company and egg distribution in 5-star hotels in Nairobi. He started Jalang’o TV during the peak of COVID 19 when there were lockdowns everywhere and he had resigned from his Job from Radio Maisha because he couldn’t agree his salary to be reviewed downwards by the Radio Africa management due to the economic meltdown caused by the pandemic.

Jalang’o revealed that he had reconciled the two men on set and gave 2 motorbikes to each and promised to secure them an advertising deal for a maize flour company. This is a life-changing step for the two men who live in extreme poverty in the slums of Nairobi.
Watch the full interview HERE

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