Libode Girl 20 Gives Birth To An 80-Year-Old Looking Baby

Libode Girl 20 Gives Birth To An 80-Year-Old Looking Baby

Libode girl, a 20-year-old lady from Libode in the Eastern Cape, has shocked her family and the society at large.

The young lady gave birth to a child that resembled an elderly grandfather of 80 years.

After a few days, a baby girl exhibited indications that were not typical of newborns. Concerned midwives and the child’s grandmother referred the baby to the hospital.

Right away. Her skin had aged and her hands had become deformed in the meantime.

“When she went into labor, we called an ambulance, but it took a long time to come. As a result, she made home deliveries.

However, because of the complicated birth process, we hired a van to take her to the hospital,” the grandma recounted.

“They informed There, she became incapacitated,” she continued. I sensed something odd about her while she was still in the womb. She didn’t cry, and her breathing was through her ribs. That surprised me because it seemed unusual.

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People are now calling her names, according to what I’ve heard. That is excruciating to the hospital. If I had the resources, I would imprison them all.”

Petros Majo, Director of the Khula Community Development Project, a children’s rights organization, reacted to the situation.

According to medical specialists, the genetic abnormality is not inheritable

The illness is extremely rare, according to Doctor Martha Mayer, a neonatologist at the Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital.

Progeria is a hereditary disorder that causes a child to age more quickly. Another issue is that these youngsters acquire heart problems and have a short lifespan. In this hospital, we have never had a child with that condition.

It is extremely unusual, affecting perhaps one out of every four or eight million people, according to medical specialists.



Libode girl gave birth to an old baby
Libode girl 20

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