Legacy Mpho Is Killed On Twitter, Resurfaces Later To Say This

Legacy Mpho reacts to news he is dead

Legacy Mpho whose actual name is Singo Junior is the latest victim of Fake news spreading on social media.

On the 4th of September 2021, late at night, a picture of a car in an accident scene was spreading on Twitter.

The person who submitted it stating that a well-known actor of a generation, the legacy Mpho, died in an accident.

The individual who uploaded it was extending condolences to Junior Singo’s wife, daughter, and family.
Fortunately, the message reached Junior Singo as soon as possible.

He came to clear the air by stating that he is very much alive and well.

“I have not been in any automobile accident; I spent the entire day in the house.”

Legacy Mpho reacts after he was killed on twitter
Legacy mpho twitter reactions

He closed by thanking everyone for their concern and requesting erasing of that tweet.
What is happening on in South Africa? A day after the death of Amapiono Artists, there was a rumor that Kabza the Small had died.

Why are individuals being murdered on social media? They need to stop, and we need to stop circulating unconfirmed news.

I really hope our celebrities would start protecting themselves on the roads and stop drinking and driving.

A lot of young star celebrities are dying in vehicle accidents, which is quite worrisome and does not convey a great message to the people.
Please, let us make an effort to be responsible.


A medical student by the name Rosette has shocked the world. This is after she passed on because of severe COVID-19 vaccine side effects.

Since the beginning of last year, the entire world has been fighting the Nova Corona Virus, which is a serious threat to our lives.

We have lost millions of lives since the outbreak began. South Africa alone has lost over 83,000 people to the dreaded virus.



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