Lawyer Cliff Ombeta Exposed For Being A Conman And The Trick He Uses In Court

Blogger Abraham Mutai has been embroiled in a Twitter row with the famous criminal lawyer Cliff Ombeta. According to Mutahi, the lawyer was reported to the law society of Kenya by his client for conning him about hundred, and fifty thousand shillings but the lawyer went silent on his client and stopped replying his texts or picking his calls allegations that he strongly denied.

Abraham Mutai went ahead to post screenshots to confirm his allegations.
This came after Cliff Ombeta called Mutai a mediocre blogger that was needy. The blogger further referred to the lawyer as incompetent and has never won any case. Mutai revealed that Ombeta has crafted the art of delaying judgments but eventually his clients are convicted and sent to jail.

Mutai gave an example of the Akasha brothers and Mike Sonko with the Akasha brothers eventually extradited to the USA where they were convicted and sent to prison. Mutai accused Ombeta of feeding his family from the proceeds of blood money obtained from drug lords and criminals.

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According to the no-nonsense blogger, Cliff Ombeta was sacked by Mike Sonko when he realized that he was going to be convicted for the simple reason that his arguments are shallow and his grasp of the criminal law is questionable.

The tiff went on over mid-morning as they continue to trade online jabs. Ombeta asked him to advertise his merchandise for him to buy because according to the famous lawyer, Mutai sells DVDs and socks online. The blogger refuted those claims and told him that he is a serious farmer but went ahead to criticize Ombeta for his political ambitions and his choice to back the Tanga Tanga political wing.

We hope it was just banter meant to kill online boredom and the two men will call for a cease-fire because it is beginning to get hotter with their followers taking sides.
Here are some of the screenshots from their conversation;

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