Latest TSC List of Deregistered Teachers

The latest TSC list of deregistered teachers is available online. These teachers will never again practice their profession again anywhere in Kenya. Curiously, all the 73 teachers who have been removed from the TSC register are all male.

Only male teachers in the list

One may wonder why the list has only male teachers, but the answer is simple. TSC does not condone sexual offences against learners. A majority, if not all, the deregistered teachers faced cases of sexual molestation. This offence is commonly referred to as canal knowledge within the teaching circles.

If a learner reports a teacher that is making sexual advances towards them, the teacher’s goose is cooked. That is the only offence that has rendered many teachers jobless over the years. The age of the learner does not matter. As long as they sit in class, they are considered underage.

Once TSC removes a teacher from the register, they do not allow them to teach, even in private schools. That is why TSC always gazettes the list of deregistered teachers for public consumption.

Here is a screenshot of some of the common offences that can put a teacher in trouble with TSC.

Why a teacher can be deregistered?

Apart from canal knowledge, there are other serious offences that make TSC remove a teacher from their register. If a teacher is convicted of a criminal offence that renders them unfit to practice teaching, TSC deregisters them. The crimes can be but not limited to robbery with violence, rape, or murder.

Before TSC removes a teacher from their register, a teacher has to face a disciplinary panel. The panel is normally composed of the institution’s board of management and TSC representatives. The head of institution has to communicate with the errant teacher through an official letter, a memo, or electronic means.

Disciplinary hearing

If the teacher fails to show up during the disciplinary hearing, the panel can go ahead and make a determination of the case. The possible outcomes include a warning, suspension, dismissal from the service; retire the teacher in public interest, or dismissal and removal from the register of teachers.

Dismissal and removal from the register of teachers are the worst outcomes. This PDF list of teachers suffered that fate recently.



What is the difference between interdiction and suspension in TSC?

An interdiction is a temporary suspension while investigations are taking place. An interdicted teacher still earns a salary as TSC has not formally fired them. A suspension is temporary removal from service after determination of a case.

What are the legal documents of TSC?
The important legal documents that govern education and TSC in Kenya include the TSC Act, the Basic Education Act, the Code of Regulations for Teachers, the Code of Conduct and Ethics for Teachers, and other relevant statutes and policies.


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