Larry Madowo Dating Edith Kimani? This Photo Speaks Volumes

Larry Madowo is currently working at CNN. The talented journalist and news anchor is right now on top of his game.

He has worked in top media stations across the world, and he is living his dream.

One thing that has been missing in his life is a woman. This has been a concern among his fans, but it seems he has moved to correct that.

In a photo posted on his official social media accounts, Larry posted a romantic photo of him embracing a beautiful woman.

Edith Kimani is the woman depicted in the photograph.

The former KTN journalist is now a news anchor and correspondent for Deutsche Welle (DW), a German news organization.

On Sunday, October 31, Edith shared a snapshot of herself and Larry in each other’s arms on Instagram.

Larry was sitting in a chair, looking up at Edith with his eyes fixated on her, while the beauty sat at a dining table

Edith placed her left hand on Larry’s beard, showing that they were clearly in a good mood

Larry gently placed one of his hands on Edith’s leg, and this was clearly not a kind gesture.

She used a variety of love emojis to caption the photo while gushing over the CNN man. She wrote, “My sweet @larrymadowo.”


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A post shared by Edith Kimani (@edithkimani)

Larry also shared a photo of the two holding hands with enormous smiles on their cheeks on his Instagram page.

He said in the caption: “Hey, @edithkimani! (emojis of love and kiss)”


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A post shared by Larry Madowo (@larrymadowo)

Here are some responses from both snaps:

@sharon_momanyi said: “Harusiiiiiiiii!”

@nancy_kanyangor said: “Why are we surprised or rather am I surprised? Ni wivu I guess. Aki uwivu wewe!!!”

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