Laikipia Bandits Captured On A Drone Doing This Leaves The Police Scratching Their Heads

Drone Captures Laikipia bandits

Laikipia has been a battleground between bandits and the government security enforcers.

The bandits hailing from pokoto have given the security personnel headache because of their tactics.

They have mastered the terrain and have more sophisticated guns.

The fearless Pokot bandits having been toying with the police and launch sporadic attacks that have been hard to contain.

The issues of land and limited resources for feeding their animals have been a major sticking point.

The bandits have been grazing their animals on other communities’ corn farms and this has irked the local farmers.

This is because of the work and finances they put in to till their lands, only for Pokot bandits to destroy everything.

An operation led by Ibrahim Karanja, a team of journalists from KTN, recorded the Laikipia bandits in their hideouts using a drone.

As conflicts have scarred the location in recent weeks, the team was filming a news piece for the station’s prime broadcast.

They have increased the security detail in the area to guarantee restoration to normalcy.

The drone captures the armed bandits grazing animals while desperately gripping their rifles.

As soon as spotting the drone, they started stoning it before being joined by others, who attempted to shoot it down.

The robbers’ attempt to take down the drone was in vain.

The KTN team’s eagle-eyed crew saved their equipment from being destroyed by the determined men who were shooting at it.

“The armed herders sought to conceal from our cameras, while some opened fire to bring it down,” Karanja described.

Closed Sixteen schools since the conflict started are slowly re-opening.

There is growing hope that the highly trained commandos sent in the region can restore total quiet.


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