KU’S Role In Making Sure ‘Nduvu Ni Kuu’ Hit Song Was Pulled Down From YouTube

Krispah shot to the limelight when his hit song featuring Khaligraph Jones went viral. The Ndovu Ni Kuu song seems to take a swipe at the kind of education offered at Kenyatta University. According to Krispah, the quality of education at KU is not good enough and goes ahead to advise parents never to admit their daughters to the University.

The rapper narrates what seems like a personal true story in which he lost his girlfriend to partying, alcohol and sex. His girlfriend was pre-occupied with things that were not important instead of concentrating on her studies. Krispah said that the Kenyatta University environment is not good for learning and anyone dreaming of taking their children to that university is wasting their money.

That song has over 3.5million views up until the time it was brought down by a little-known upcoming artist that claimed Krispah sampled beats of his song without his permission. He reported the dispute to YouTube and the song was removed from the channel.

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He also claimed that he is an ambassador of the university and he had to do that to protect the image of his client.
This is a huge loss in terms of revenue and clout for the artist who had started making his name in the showbiz industry in Kenya. According to the rapper, Kenyatta university through their head of communications had contacted him complaining that admission had dipped by over 40% because of the song.

This has tainted the image of the institution after Krispah said that the quality of their education is below standard. They offered him the chance to perform during their graduation to redeem the image of the university but when krispah sent them his invoice, they refused to hire him, and they blatantly told him that they won’t pay him for the mess he caused the university.

From the above information, it is clear that Kenyatta University played a role in bringing down the song Ndovu ni Kuu. The management of Krispah has threatened to take legal action against the artist who brought the song down.

Click Here to watch Krispah addressing the issue.

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