KRA Goes For Mudavadi After His Latest Move

KRA (Kenya Revenue Authority) is to assess, collecting, and accounting for all income.

We owe these incomes to the Kenyan government under Kenyan legislation.

KRA came into being by an Act of Parliament, Chapter 469 of the laws of Kenya, became effective on 1 July 1995.

We charge the Authority with collecting revenue on behalf of the Government of Kenya.

Every Kenyan is duty bound to pay taxes to help government to raise revenue to enable them to offer services.

If you are not tax compliant, then that goes against the law and is eligible for a penalty.

According to UDA’s spin master Dennis Itumbi, Mudavadi has received a letter ordering him to pay his tax arrears.

“The Hustler Nation Intelligence Bureau (HNIB) agents report that:

1. KRA has slapped ANC Presidential Candidate Musalia Mudavadi with a Tax Arrears demand letter.

2.It has pulled the move after loose media reports showing that Mudavadi may form an alliance with DP Ruto

3. KRA has also slapped an entrepreneur with a tax bill on allegations of supporting UDA campaigns in Kiambaa.


It is not clear if what UDA propagandist is saying is true or a ploy to anger his western Kenya political supporters.

He intends to alienate Mudavadi and his supporters away from Raila and Uhuru to eat into Odinga’s votes in the region.


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There are rumours that Mudavadi is having late night talks with William Ruto to form a political pact ahead of 2022.

This will complicate the Raila matrix in the western region. The state through KRA wants to scare Mudavadi into submission.

Mudavadi has maintained that he will not support Raila Odinga and nobody will force him to step down for Jakom.

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