KRA Gives Kenyans Goods News After Major Announcement

KRA has unveiled a slew of changes aimed at making it easier for Kenya’s 6.1 million taxpayers to access simplified policies.

The tax man wants to improve transparency in tax transfers and increase wider tax base.

This guarantee was the focus of the two-day 7th Annual Tax Summit, which began on Wednesday, October 13.

The conference brought together key stakeholders from throughout the African continent.

During the ceremony, KRA Commissioner General Githii Mburu stated that taxation is the largest source of government revenue.

KRA plays a crucial part in supporting many sectors, such as education, health, and social amenities budgets.

The agency is a critical component of a country’s wellbeing. As a result, KRA has taken the proposals made by Summit participants seriously.

including the need to maintain the simplicity and tax certainty of policy, regulatory framework, and processes in tax administration.


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“I like your remark that national policy should aim to align contradictory sectoral policies in order to improve coherence.”

It should also investigate expenditure with the goal of generating a surplus from revenue collection.”

“I believe that simplifying tax regulations can provide a more predictable environment for investors .

It will also create chances for long-term investments.”

We will continue to collaborate closely with the National Treasury and all of our stakeholders to simplify tax regulations.

This will improve our operations and tax compliance,” Mburu remarked.

During his last remarks, he also stated that the authority was looking into broadening the tax base .

They will do this by looking into other industries to avoid overtaxing three big sectors;

This include manufacturing, banking and insurance, and ICT.

Panelists at the event also stated that improving the customer experience goes a long way in strengthening their connection with KRA.

Titus Ndambuki, from the Ministry of Public Service and Gender, emphasized on the need to educate Kenyans on the taxation process.


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