Kisii Man Busted Domesticating a Hyena For This Dreadful Reason, Declares Himself The No.1 Witch

A Kisii man was yesterday busted carrying a hyena at Masimba, Kisii County. In a video doing rounds online, the man was captured majestically walking with that wild animal on his shoulders.

When the residents tried to enquire from him why he was carrying that animal, the old man replied rudely with vulgar language declaring himself as the number one witch.

The visibly unperturbed man dared them to continue recording him because he doesn’t care what the public thinks of him. He threw shade at those calling themselves Christians to release a recent photo they have taken with Jesus Christ.

“Those taking photos of me are the real witches. You want to bewitch me. These are animals of God,” he was heard saying in the video clip.

This is to say that they are busy worshipping people they have never seen but they are the first in line to abuse people who believe otherwise.

The Kisii people are among the top tribes in Kenya that are known to believe in witchcraft and the power of black magic. There are unconfirmed rumors that the perpetrators of witchcraft eat dead people, something that has never made sense to anyone.

Witchcraft is a crime in Kenya that is punishable by law. It was first banned in Kenya in the year 1925 by colonialists. It is anchored in the act of parliament cap 67.

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According to the act, any person that pretends to harbor supernatural powers to cause fear, annoyance, injury, and loss of property is liable for a jail term not exceeding 5 years. You can also be jailed for 10 years for giving advice that causes harm using the influence of a charm.

Whether the old man was serious that he practices witchcraft is something that cannot be proved as at now. But there have been rumors in the larger Kisii community that some of those people that practice witchcraft domesticate hyenas which are nicknamed ‘Omare’.

They allegedly use ‘Omare’ as a form of transport during their night running activities. Again, this is something that cannot be substantiated.

Check out the short clip below;


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