Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa Shamelessly Elopes With Senator Linturi’s Wife

Senator Mithika Linturi has been trending in the past week after word came out that he sneaked into a married woman’s hotel room while her husband was out and attempted to rape her.

Linturi argues that he got confused because he was drunk and found himself in the wrong room. The couple raised alarm and they blackmailed him to pay them.

The senator paid the couple a million shillings but they kept coming for more that is when he decided to report them to the police for extortion.

The matter is in court pending investigation and determination. The senator is not new to sexual scandals. His divorce from Mary Anne Kitany played out in the public and Kenyans were shocked with the kind of details that were leaked.

Kitany revealed that she bought a house in Runda for the family that cost her over 100 million shillings. She also renovated Linturi’s rural home for 26 million and additional 8 million shillings were used to renovate his parent’s home in Meru.

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Maryanne Kitany used to work in the office of the deputy president and out of love for the Meru senator, Mithika Linturi, she sponsored a family holiday in Australia and Dubai for 11 million shillings.

According to Aoko Otieno, Kimilili member of parliament Didmus Barasa has left his wife of 12 years for Mithika Linturi’s ex-wife. The Mp who is a known conman is said to have targeted the rich woman after she dumped Linturi for failing to fulfill his duties as a man.

This was revealed by his wife on social media who goes by the name Rose Imali. According to Rose, Didmus left her despite the fact she supported him when he was a nobody.

She narrated how she went hungry and borrowed money to fund his campaigns but Didmus feels that the Rich Kitany is better than her.

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