The Beautiful Woman That Killed Her 2-year-old Daughter Then Committed Suicide (PHOTO)

Paisley Kaluki Mutothya’s lifeless body was found lying in the bedroom while her mother was found hanging dead in the bathroom with a rope round her neck. The police officers that arrived at the gory scene could not immediately establish the cause of death of the 2-year-old kid.

At least for her mother Jane Wairimu Macharia, it was clear she had hanged herself. This happened in Kitengela area in Isinya Sub-county, Kajiado County.

A suicide note left by Jane indicated that she was tired of her husband’s cheating ways. But what she did is unforgivable by all standards. Killing an innocent child because the father cheated on her is the cruelest thing one can do.

On the fateful day, the 31-year-old woman waited until her husband left for work. She then summoned the house help and gave her a day off. She told her to take a break the whole day and return in the evening.

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Thinking all was well, the excited domestic manager left to run her own errands and returned in the evening. On returning home, she found the house locked from the inside and she decided to wait for Jane’s husband to return from work.

When the man came, he also realized that they could not access the house unless they break in. That is when they found the unthinkable. Paisley’s body was lying in the couple’s matrimonial bed with no sign of physical injuries.

Her mother’s body was in the bathroom with her neck broken by the rope that she used to commit the heinous act. It is possible that Jane killed her daughter by suffocating her with a pillow; a very cruel way to end one’s life.

It is extremely sad but we cannot blame her. Mental health has become a serious issue in Kenya. Maybe her man made her feel worthless by cheating on her. Her self-esteem must have been seriously dented.

Have a look at her photo below;

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