Kenyans Will Change Their Mind About Uhuru After What Just Happened In Tunisia

President Uhuru Kenyatta is the most unpopular person in Kenya right now due to the tough economic crisis Kenyans are facing right now.

The cost of living is very high and most Kenyans can hardly afford a meal. Businesses have gone under and the Government is broke to create any meaningful jobs for the youths.

Kenyans blame him for everything because of the backstops at his desk. They feel that he has done little to cushion them from the harsh economic times.

His government has plundered the economy by presiding over mega corruption scandals and there’s no sincere effort to fight the vice.

The once political heavyweight has lost his mojo in his native mt. Kenya. His support that is largely tribal politically is now for William Ruto. This was confirmed when he lost a by-election to his deputy turned political rival.

The president is accused by the courts of not obeying orders. Retired Chief Justice David Maraga once advised him to disband the current parliament as constituted because they failed to meet the two-thirds gender rule but he ignored that advice even though it would have benefited him.

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That move would have given him a chance to run again in 2022 but he chose to be selfless by considering the economic and political implications of disbanding the whole parliament and county assemblies.

That selfless act should be applauded because of what we are witnessing in Tunisia right now. The president of Tunisia suspended parliament indefinitely and sacked the Prime Minister and all government ministers for criticizing the ruling party.

The citizens of Tunisia took to the streets to celebrate that move because they feel those ministers are corrupt and incompetent.

This shows the level of intolerance from the Tunisian president. President Uhuru has ensured that democracy and the rights to speech and expression have been upheld even after he has been abused and criticized by his deputy and various state officers.

Sometimes human beings don’t value what they have until they lose it.

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