Kenyans Make Funny Comments After Robert Burale Reveals These Things about Himself

Israel Robert Burale is a pastor and a motivational speaker who is popular for using his past experiences as examples to teach young people. The guy is well groomed.

The 45-year-old image advisor openly talks about his divorce from his wife. He has a beautiful 16-year-old daughter by the name Lexie. He loves her so much.

The witty man of God was Daniel Ndambuki’s guest on his popular Churchill Show, the journey edition. During the show, he revealed some things that Kenyans online have decided to make fun of.

The first thing that he revealed was how he attempted committing suicide three times; once in the United Kingdom and twice in Kenya.

For those who might not know, Robert was a very bright student who studied abroad after performing wonderfully well from Bungoma Boys High School. He pursued a bachelor’s degree in Business and marketing at Mont Forte University in the United Kingdom.

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He revealed how he went through serious financial challenges that saw him attempting suicide despite coming from a well to do family.

“While in the United Kingdom, I could not afford three meals a day. There was a time that I even ate colgate for supper,” said Burale to a visibly shocked Churchill.

The revelation that he once ate toothpaste for supper has left netizens ridiculing him seriously on Twitter. Some wondered how the eloquent pastor could manage to buy colgate but not afford more basic commodities like food.

“How can Robert Burale afford toothpaste and not food seriously?” asked one Twitter user using the handle @DrJuma_M

Another Twitter user using the handle @Its_Sialo wrote, “Now Robert Burale on Churchill Show said that he tried committing suicide three times; twice in Kenya and once in the UK. How can one commit suicide in the UK? Like who does that? The furthest some of us have gone is getting our national ID cards from the assistant chief.”

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Have a look at the hilarious screenshots below;

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